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May 28th - Day of the Dead....In April

It's days like these that make me want to nothing else than be a photographer . My makeup artist Desiree has been wanting to do a Dios de los Muertos photoshoot for a while now. We had originally planned on doing this a few month months back, but ran into scheduling conflicts with the girls. Eventually we had a date and Desiree and her models did not disappoint. 

We decided to shoot indoor and outdoor. This would require 2 things; time and patience. I did not want to have anyones time wasted. Time management and preparation on my part was just as crucial to the models, as it was for me. Considering everyone was donating their time, I could not have been more grateful for the way this shoot turned out. Everyone was relaxed and having fun... some more than others. Celina and Adriana were a dream to work with. They were very patient and were taking direction like pros. Well...maybe not completely Pro...

Like I said earlier, this photoshoot is reason why i got into photography. Team effort and creative ideas coming together to create something amazing. When people ask me what type of photography I would like to do. I will direct them to this blog post. It truly reflects my passion and the results speak for themselves.

I learned a lot of lessons from this shoot. In every shoot I've completed; there's always something that I look back on and think "I could have done this or that." I learned that it is very important to have a shot list and a schedule. It is very easy to get caught up in a particular scene and forget the other shots you originally planned to take.  

A big thank you to Desiree Greco @desireesophia for her help in putting this together. Her make up talents are amazing to say the least. A special thank you to the girls Adriana and Celina for their hard work and time. Also, it should be noted that my wife Kim was vital piece to this puzzle i keeping us all on schedule and well fed.

Thank you Kimmie I love you :-)

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